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Bamboo Cranberry Scrub

How do celebrities manage to look like they haven’t aged a day? You don’t have to wonder anymore, because we’ve brought one of the best kept secrets for achieving ageless skin to you. Made with natural acids that stimulate the natural skin renewal process, thus ensuring that dead skin cells never take away your shine. Whatever your skin woes, wrinkles, stretch marks, stressed out and tired skin, this fruity skin mask will transform from your biggest worry to an asset, you might even start considering a career in modeling. Yes, it’s that good. Don’t take our word for it; start your reverse aging process today.

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Bamboo Fibers, Cranberry Fibers, Olive Seed Powder, Hibiscus Powder

This Bamboo Cranberry Mask washes away dead skin cells, exfoliates your skin, so your skin can breathe. To achieve the fountain of youth feeling, apply a generous coating to your face and neck area. Some people might experience a tingling feeling, but you shouldn’t worry. That’s the feeling of your skin pores opening up with renewed vigor. Leave this face mask on for 15 – 30 minutes. Then use a damp cloth or warm water to wash it off. Complete the process with your favorite night cream to seal in the effect


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