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Orange Blossom Water

Haven’t heard of the Orange Blossom Water? Get ready to be wowed by this multi-functional floral water! 

Orange blossom water is a superb, exquisite and wonderful  floral water or hydrosol. Being among the safest and gentlest aromatics in complexion care, they are a fall-out of essential oil distillation. Hydrosols are profoundly and fiercely aromatic, sharing some of the healing properties of essential oils.


*Protects the skin from Free Radicals

*Rescues the skin from uncomfortable conditions such as itching, 

*Provides adequate and proper hydration to the skin

*Resolves abnormal skin oil levels

*Contains anti-aging protective properties 

*Soothes skin inflammation

*tranquilizes skin irritation

*Takes away skin impurities and dirt

*Efficiently tones the complexion to your taste 

*Keeps you lively with its soulful and magnificent scent

*Useful for disinfecting and treating your wounds!

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Orange Blossom Water

Hydrosols may be used in many ways.

* You could simply add a little hydrosol to your water to just liven your water up;

*Also, it can be spritzed on dehydrated, sensitive skin to calm inflammation and add softness

*More so, it can be mixed with other skin care product, to give you a perfect blend of exquisiteness

Get the Real, Pure, Genuine Orange Blossom Water today to blossom outstandingly like a Rose petal! 


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