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Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is one of the most popular essential oil that returns awesome effects on your skin. Unlike rose oil, this brownish essential oil is extracted from the seeds and fruits of the rose plant. They are replete of skin-nourishing properties that leave your skin hydrated, glowing and shining. What’s more, they help exfoliate and boost adequate collagen production for the skin.


*Protects against skin inflammation 

*Builds a barrier against free radicals

*Moisturizes and hydrates the skin

*Reduces wrinkles and firms the skin

*Brightens and smoothens the skin

*Soothes skin paleness and irritation

*Decimates dark spots and scars

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Rosehip Seed Oil

*Moist and cleanse the intended area

*Pat dry with a soft towel.

*Apply your undiluted rosehip seed oil to the skin

*Massage the oil into the skin until fully absorbed. Do not rinse.

*Repeat twice daily to the face and body to treat skin conditions. You can use rosehip seed oil as a daily moisturizer for very dry skin.


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