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Gentle on your skin, harsh on skin impurities. Made from the best quality distilled water, the Rose Water Toner is one of the best astringents you can apply on your skin without fear of adverse side effects.  It is the missing tool in your bedtime routine  to clean the dirt and oil from a long day. It also enhances your skin glow as it clears away dead skin cells, enhancing the natural, inner glow of your skin as the new skin cells come to the surface. To put acnes and eczema in your history, enhance your skin’s resistance to wrinkles, and ensure that cuts and scratches do not take away from the even tone of your skin, make Rose Water Toner your trusted ally.

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However, you use the Rose Water Toner, the effects are still the enhanced appearance of your skin. You could soak a cotton ball with all of its goodness and apply to your face, right after washing your face. You could turn it to a body spray for anytime you want to feel that rosy freshness and delicate scent coming off your skin; your perfume will be jealous. You don’t have to worry about it staining your clothes, because it won’t. You could also add it your moisturizing cream, to enjoy the combined benefits of Rose Water and your luxurious cream.


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