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Supreme Pink & Green Clay Cleanser

Does it sound weird – or are you surprised that one can effectively cleanse the face with mud? You’ve got questions as to how it works, sticks and lathers? Follow us on this adventurous journey!

Ordinarily, mud is itself a cleaning agent due to some of its constituent-properties. Therefore, active mud that has been treated with oxygen, acts like a magnetic item for impurities and toxins, present in your face.

Our organic Supreme Green & Pink Clay Cleanser thus deep clean your facial skin to the roots of it, without over-drying, it calms both skin redness and acne, giving you a healthy glow – all in one package!

Formulated primarily with Italian Green and Pink Kaolin clay, and Vitamin C, it incredibly tones and smoothens your facial skin without causing stress. Even with its low-lather level, it affords you an effective, natural and exhilarating facial cleansing experience, like no other.

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Water, Green Clay, Pink Clay, Vitamin C

*Cleanse your facial skin with lukewarm water

*Gently apply your facial cleanser to your skin, rubbing in a gentle circular motions when you. No rush

*Once you’re done rubbing, simmer for some minutes before you rinse off. 

*Don’t reach for your towel to dry your face, but instead apply your moisturizer to help lock in hydration.


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